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Where There's A Will (Good Girl Series #2) - Karen Kelley 2.5 Stars

While this was at present, a departure of sorts for me because I used to read this type of paranormal genre a lot. So I was excited to jump back into sexy fantasy land of Angels and Immortals.

Haley our heroine is tired of her life. She is fat, frumpy, depressed, stood up and sex-starved when she decides to pray for a miracle. And much to her surprise her prays are answered.


Cue Ryder, half human half angel. He's a Nephilim, and he is here to help her see the beautiful sensual woman within and transform her into the gorgeous self confident person only he can see.
So when Ryder discovers a journal filled with Haley's sexual fantasies he is determined to carry out everyone of them in order for her to believe in herself and uncover her suppressed sensuality. Let the games begin...

It takes a very generous part of the book for Haley to get over her insecurities and she constantly, painfully continues to see herself negatively.
Personally if I am reading adult fiction then I want the experience without the constant negative self doubt. For a reader it makes the visual aspect of those scenes kind of ...erm ...uninspiring?

Finally, finally the real Haley is uncovered after a miraculous make-over where not even her parents or best friend recognize her. Really? *eye roll* Surely you know your own child, it's only highlights and clothes that fit for god sake!
Why at the age of 26 did this woman never decide to do this on her own? I have no idea! There's a lot to be said for self help.

I can honestly say I felt like I was reading a Cinderella type fairy tale, but with sex. The little girl in me who still loves the fairy tale romance was rejoicing in the story, but the grown woman was rolling her eyes.
There are parts that amused me and I did understand the insecurities Haley was living with. But honey, you have an Angel telling you how gorgeous you are, urgh... come on already!

Overall it is a well constructed novel, amusing characters, steamy, and fairly entertaining. But just not my type of thing, not anymore.

Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for sending this to me.