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Sin & Seduction (Seduction, #1) - Allison Cassatta Didn't finish at 70%.

Sorry but these characters are not holding my attention. The story is told from both the MC's point of view. Which is fine and I usually enjoy that, but this is just all over the place. There does not seem to be a divide here.

The characters are the complete antithesis of each other. Dorian Grant is a hard man,a mafioso style "business" man. A murderer, a drug addict and a sadistic dominant asshole. Born with a silver spoon in his mouth and still he acts the pissed off martyr. Nope not a nice guy at all. Now I'm all for the rough and abrasive anti hero who wins me over with a brief touch of sensuality or even a soft look in the eye. So I tried to like him, I really did.

Jansen is an erotic dancer, working hard for everything he has ever had. He is a hopeless romantic, submissive to an extreme and an emotional nervous wreck most of the time. I suspect he must be a bit of a masochist too. Especially to put up with what he does, and even to feel his initial attraction for Dorian screams submissive masochist. Dorian exudes his dominant, violent predator charisma from every orifice. So why fall so hard and so fast? Dorian Grant is not what you want to trust or love after such a horrific past.

There is violence and drug abuse in this, quite a bit and it is pretty graphic too. Just so that you know, it didn't bother me much and is not why I haven't finished it.
This wasn't for me. The issues with POV's and the lack in any kind of attachment to these guys left me feeling cold, disappointed and annoyed that I spent more than I usually do for a book.