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Beyond Shame - Kit Rocha I received this galley from the author via Net galley for an honest review.

My very first Dystopian novel. I was excited with my only point of reference in my mind being the Mad Max and the Thunderdome movies. Needless to say I was all up for some of that.

It starts with Noelle Cunningham, the daughter of a high ranking Eden councilman stumbling through the sectors. Having been banished from the pristine upper echelons of Eden's society, she is armed with nothing but her shame, her ignorance and a rampant libido. Which she doesn't know what to do with...yet.

She soon falls into the inked up arms of Jasper, big, bearded and dangerous, a member of the sector gang, O'Kanes. Bam, instant attraction!
Rescued and brought into this dystopian society of criminals her only protection is a gang that is legendary in Eden, known for their bootlegging, violence and sexually sinful ways.

Woo Hoo...Jackpot, right? Oh hell yes, I'm thinking.

At this point we've been introduced to just a few of the O' Kane gang members and they are all smoking hot. Ace, Dallas (the leader) Bren and Jasper, are all alpha men, hard, tattooed, dominant cage fighters and just totally bad. Yum...I'm even more excited now.

Lexi, an O'Kane woman instantly takes the big eyed innocent Noelle under her wing. It is obvious from the start that Lexi has more than a motherly affection toward Noelle. Lexi's touch is "comforting" and Noelle can't but help lean into it.

Uuuuuh huh?

Just a quick question here: You weren't just a little bit freaked out by that Noelle? ... you know? being so sheltered and naive? No? Well I guess not...

Lexi introduces Noelle to her new life of unfettered sexual freedom and choices, something which has always been forbidden to her.

Noelle is all wide eyed wonder and filled with shameful urges when she attends an O'Kane sex fest. Her emotions are twisted between lust and shame. But does that hold her back? Oh no, this naive almost virginal girl is a horn dog!
No matter that she has never experienced or seen anything like this in her life, she seems quite eager to learn all the ...err tricks, without shame (although she'll tell you different) and quite publically and with more than one person.

This was one of the main problems I had with this story. Noelle. Noelle and her contradictory, contrary feelings. There is no other side to this woman, She had nothing to endear me to her at all. She is just dull and witless and boring. I felt nothing for her. I felt my attention drifting whenever she had some dialog. I skimmed through the sex, which usually would have had my full attention.
Unfortunately this has a knock on effect for me, the sex, which should have been hot I suppose...wasn't. At 30% in I felt like I was reading porn. There was no emotional element to the sex at all. I suppose that's the way it is meant to be in a dystopian society. But as an experienced romance reader, I didn't like it, not at all.

As the rather thin plot line develops I do feel intrigued with these new characters. The gang members and their woman or potential woman are what kept me going.
I liked Dallas the rough, powerful and irrestable force behind the O'Kanes. Ace and Bren...yum. Lexi is one hell of a woman, that would need her own book to discover all her complexities. I liked her, she had spunk, guts and courage like all the other female characters. Rachel and Six? I would love to explore more of.
It must be said that I did warm to Noelle at about 87% in, but too little too late.

I would have liked to have delved more into the politics and structure of this dystopian world. I liked this futuristic society and wanted to see more of it. I assume there will be more books after this one and because of the other characters introduced here, I will give them a go.

3 Stars!! Just.
This book contains light BDSM m/f/m/f and f/f. Some anal play.