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Gambling Men - Amy Lane So that was pretty much a loosing hand. I should have folded at 30% when I have a feeling I should cut and run.

Jace and Quent, friends since they where at college together. Jace is the controlling dominant character. Sharp as a whip, a leader and a fierce competitor. Quent is Jace's opposite. His Ace of hearts to the King of Diamonds.
This is a story of when friendship becomes love. So after eight long years of Jace holding his cards close to his chest, just waiting for the perfect play. Quent unintentionally gives up a tell, Jace shows his hand. And it's a full house!!! And Quent is "all in"!

"Sometimes you can't win unless you lay all your cards on the table"

This is all played out in the first 10% by the way. Yep, all cards showing at 10%. So perhaps there might be a bit more in the game I ask myself. Well no, not really.

"Every chip I have is on the table Quent. You know that, right?

Jee, no Jace I wish I had, I wouldn't have really bothered if I'd known.

One positive is, they have lots and lots of really hot sex. But then they ruin it and converse in poker metaphors...a lot! They do play go fish...really erm...well! And enthusiastically break in a new poker table.

There wasn't much in character development apart from what can be deemed from the constant poker metaphors.
So if you think this review is annoying, try reading a full length novel and deciphering the true meanings behind it all.

It was redeemed in so much as that the sex was hot and I have nothing against the writing either. But that's the deal, no much else really.
I think I would like to bet on something else by this author as I have heard good things about her books. Sadly this one was a bust for me.

2.5 Stars!

Thank you to Netgalley and Dreamspinner Press for sending this to me for review.