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Incursion - Aleksandr Voinov I have a confession to make. The only reason I read this is because it's written by Aleksandr Voinov.
Yes, it's the man with the sexiest name in literary history ever. I am in love with him, I love what lies in his mind. I want to climb inside, roll around and purr forever.
Netgalley wouldn't give me any of Aleksandrrrr's other books to review..pft! Whatever Rachel!
So this was all I got, and it's Sci-fi!!! I DO NOT read sci-fi . I never have, but for Aleksandr... I will. For you Aleksandr I will do anything...anything you hear me? Even read sci-fi!
I. Love. You!

I love you

So you have read the blurb my fellow non Sci-fi lovers, and are thinking WTF?
Well I was, but I got it pretty quick once I got started. This is a little who's who, and what's what, to help you adjust quickly in the first 10%.

Glyrinny: Shapeshiftting bad aliens.

Morphs: same as a Glyrinny (I think) and the reason why Kyle lost the use of his legs.

Scorpion: Bad ass super fast, armed to the teeth space ship.

Grimm: Tattooed, sexy hot fallen warrior and pilot of the Scorpion. Also from the same planet as Kyle who left me week at the knees a few times.

Pod Farm: Hotel or boarding place, kind of like the Japanese use (again, I'm speculating)

SocSec Credits: Like money, used to trade for transport and food and shit.

Tamene: Kyle and Grimms home planet. Jungle like but freezing too “shrugs”

Commissariat: The powers that be, authorities. Good guys, kind of.

Kshar: Glyrinny double-agent, who Kyle has to track down and return.

Kyle: The MC, who was paralyzed below the waist by a Glyrinny weapon. Ex fighter pilot and tracker. The empathy I feel for him is intense, love him!

So I hope that helps. Now I don't want to put you off, because once you get past the first 10% it's not confusing at all, and you wont be Sci-fied to death, I promise you.

In fact, it is very engaging. There is a kind of tension that runs through the entire story, sometimes it's sexual and sometimes suspenseful. The pace is quick and seamless. The writing is masterful to say the least. The characters will own you, they are intriguing, damaged, rough and just gorgeous.

Voinov's writing oozes sensuality. Just a kiss described like this:

“The kiss hit him like an acceleration jolt.” “It raced all over Kyle's skin, sank deeper and rushed along his veins like a living creature. Unreal.”

Sheesh...tell me you did not just melt?

This story is so skilfully crafted and has an underlying meaning that rocked me to the core. Yes, I got it.

Aleksandr is a genius story teller.

Read Incursion, it wont take you long, and you wont be disappointed, and you wont want to it end either.
Highly recommended!!!

Thank you Net galley and Rip Tide publishing (finally;)) for sending this to me for an honest review. I loved it!

Oh and Aleksandrrrr