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I'm just another Goodreads refugee and this is my back up plan. Please be patient with me while I find my legs on here. 

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Special Forces - Mercenaries Part I (Special Forces, #2 part 1) - Aleksandr Voinov,  Marquesate,  Vashtan Many apologies! *Head Slap* I originally had the wrong review posted for this book. As well as the wrong updates! I am such an arse! Please feel free to unlike this review if you previously liked it. It has now been posted under the correct title.

Yes I have now finished this one! I'm sure, I checked!

Proper review to follow...maybe.

But just so you know, nothing changes in my opinion, that, after another epic sequel, these are still the most sublime books I have ever read! EVER people EVER!

From shock, horror, love, pain, lust, betrayal, heartbreak. Threesomes, foursomes and swinging twosomes, my heart is in tact (just), my head is filled with the why's, and thank you God, the consequent understanding, but still some loathing.

The voice of these books speaks to me on a level of the fiercest, purest, simplistic beauty that I have never before experienced. I have finally met my literary gods in these authors.

Sublime brilliance that explodes brighter than an atomic bomb.