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I think I expected a bit too much from this novel, considering how much I liked the last two books, I really wanted more than needy self sacrificing inner monologues, and sex that was too scripted to be erotic or sensual.

It started off okay, although I did doubt if I was going to warm to Beth. I remembered that she was the employee who was caught having sex while working at Pulled Long. Uh huh...that Beth!
I thought that was a bloody stupid move, which gained her zero respect from me. So she had some work to do.

Josh the hunky bisexual sex club owner and Beth's boss, should have been sex on legs who got the heart thumping and the libido sparking. Sadly...no! He just came across as a bit too much of a martyr with his let me fix and control everyone else attitude.
Then he internalizes all sorts of neurotic self sacrificing guilt. And over what? Sheesh the guy has everything, looks, money, a sex club, fuck buddies, mates. But oh no... he's all - I don't have anyone to worry about little ole me, shame for me, poor me, lonely me, nobody to love, nobody to love me, I don't deserve them, they deserve better, my mommy doesn't love me, nah nah nah, moan, moan...big baby!

Fortunately I warmed to Beth pretty soon and thought, yeah...this will work, she's seems a smart intelligent woman, sexy without being aware of it, caring and sensitive...yeah I like her. That was until she blows it by asking the most ridiculous, idiotic thing EVER(view crude She's being shagged by Oliver (missionary style)and Josh is about to fuck Oliver at the same time, and Beth says to Josh, something like 'Will I be able to feel your cock while you fuck him?' Uhm...excuse me? I mean...seriously? Photobucket After that ...how can I take her seriously? I cannot!

Oliver was alright, sexy in his own way with a slender runners body and tattoos. He comes across a tad spineless to me, with his abandonment issues and low self esteem.

Sheesh it was just a menage of bloody issues with these three. Really, I hate soap operas, and this was way too reminiscent an episode of what could quite easily be dubbed The Bland and the Beautiful.

The plot is way way too predictable. I know exactly where this is going to go. I've read it before.

Unrated, cause if it was, it would be really really bad, and some how I think others might like it. And I also liked this series, it's a shame that this one wasn't for me.