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The Gladiator's Master - Fae Sutherland,  Marguerite Labbe This was a great read if you are looking for something different, and I was.
When thinking ancient Rome and Gladiators; I conjure up images from the movies and the epic plots filled with politics, intrigue, blood, lust, love, and hate. All the things that make you feel all the emotions rolled into one. I guess I was expecting a lot huh?

This was good, but not great. It might have been set in Ancient times but the characters still seem to harbor the same insecurities and drama that they do in modern times. The inner turmoil our Gladiator suffers is nothing you haven't come across in modern romance. This was a bit dull for me, especially given the scope of the setting. I was disappointed to be honest, I expected something different.

The most memorable thing about this book has to be the intense and fierce attraction the two MC's have for each other. The sex! Oh sweet Jupiter! The sex was so delicious. It was everything I could have wanted from a Gladiator, hard, fast, fierce, powerful, possessive and predatory! Wow! Just wow! That was so very very goood!

I do appreciate the reference to true life events in this book. It brings a great realism to Historical novels. I just wished for more. More intrigue, more of the gladiator way of life, more displays of prowess in the Arena. I wanted the glory! I wanted this!

But what I got was this!


What I did not like was the cheesy over the top "I love you's" at the end. I also have to wander and this is not a sarcastic question. Did they say "fuck" in ancient times? I have no idea, although I would be amazed if they did.

All this being said. I really want to read more of these books. I am intrigued with these fierce warrior slaves and their rulers. These guys are pretty damn hot ya know?