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A Limited Engagement - Josh Lanyon I have heard great things about this author and this is my first introduction.
The first thing I realise is the relaxed easy talent. Wow! The words flow fast and furious in tune with the circumstances unveiling themselves. It's a very short read and with just a few clicks I am in deep and feeling things for these characters already.
That doesn't happen too often for me. They might have been feelings of anger and disbelief at the lengths one of the MC's goes to to express his love. In my eyes an almost unforgivable act, but hey ho, he who dares wins and all that.

Oh and the make up sex? Damn, it was good, so very very good;)

The story itself is not what really compels me to read more by this author. The obvious skill and talent shines through and I am ever so excited about reading more from him. The recommendations are very worthy ones. Thanks girls! I certainly want a bigger taste of Josh Lanyon now.