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The Edge of Never - J.A. Redmerski Somebody kick my virtual arse the next time I want to read a YA or NA book. I am officially done!

Three thousand positive ratings tell me it's not the book, it's all me. I'm fine with that, although I did kind of doubt whether I am normal in that I really didn't like this book.
I have questioned my own heart here, and all because I felt nothing for the ending that has had everyone else in tears.
I'm not a cold hearted bitch. You might not believe me, but I'm not... I promise. I cry over books (occasionally) definitely over movies. I swoon and ahh over puppies and kittens.
So when I feel nothing for what happened at the end I question myself... a lot.

For the first 55% I was like this....waiting for something any-god-damn-thing to happen!

It's just a long freaking road to nowhere. It just goes on and on and on...


Then at about 95% and the grand freaking finale!!!


Where the hell did that come from?

I have reached the conclusion that; in my mind I honestly felt manipulated into feeling emotions for these characters and the book. Not because they earned it but because it is expected.
I feel the author has played on the fairy tale ideology of the perfect hero and heroine and what society expects from them.
That smack in the gut moment is just a perfect example of the manipulation I was talking about it's like...If the author cannot make you feel anything during the long drawn out pointless plot then - my God you'll feel something now!
Let me give the gorgeous hero a brain tumor and let them all think he dies. That should evoke a few tears, right?
It was such a random thing to have happen. The guy never even popped a pain pill for a headache on the trip. It's just a *whack* take that!

That's not the only bit of manipulation I felt. It makes me feel like I am a bad person because I think the heroine is immature, bitter, self obsessed and obnoxious. Am I supposed to instantly like her because she has been through a lot? Should I like her because she's beautiful? Or is it because I am meant to feel sorry for her?

I did not establish a connection with the voice of this book at all, from either the hero or heroine.
It was just a ridiculous story line that happens to include every girls dream guy, hitting the open road and leaving the cares behind. Doing the things you wouldn't normally do, being individual in your choices and standing out from the crowd. It's a recipe that should have worked really well for me. I know it did for three thousand other people but the telling didn't resonate with me at all and what really ruined it was after two months and all is well with Andrew, she announces she's pregnant? And he wants to get married? WTF? Does that mean they now end up doing just the opposite of what they planned? What happened to lets be free and travel the world and not conform to society?
What was the point of it all then? I don't get that at all.