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Frog - Mary Calmes Lovely little romance, so sugary sweet it might hurt.


Easy reading for when you fancy something a little frivolous and sexy. This is most certainly a mood book, it's easy hot loving with a sweet sexy cowboy and a neurosurgeon.

Weber is a great guy, complete with good old fashioned manners, a kiddie magnet and everybody loves him, especially Cyrus. But Weber's not too sharp and has a few issues understanding why a guy like Cyrus would want a nobody like him.

Cyrus is an exceptional surgeon. Driven and determined, staid and very serious with everyone, except Weber.
Weber is the only one to make him laugh and really love. His reactions to Weber are contradictory to what everyone else see's. It's kind of disconcerting annoying entertaining to see a man like Doctor Cyrus Benning loose his self control and turn into a needy, clinging, grovelling drama queen.

These two have an incredible combustible chemistry. There are certainly some very erotic moments, especially when Weber relives their first meeting - Whooo Hoooo full body blush (with pulsing) *fans self*.
That scene deserves a star all on it's own!

I do feel that this novel would have been better served if it hadn't been told in the first person. Weber is a bit simple really and a different perspective would have been appreciated.

No regrets though, I was in the mood for something just like this and it ticked a few boxes for me at the time. I'll be reserving Mary Calmes books for when I need a bit of sweet.