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Take My Picture - Giselle Ellis Oh boy! I liked this one, I really liked it. I admit it wasn't perfect, not at all, but it was special and even though not a lot actually happens.

It is the relationship between Aaron and Jake who are both completely nuts, that makes this book shine. They each have their own crazy idiosyncrasies that make them both unique and annoying. The result is a hilarious often juvenile exchange that really does have you laughing out loud, no matter how silly.

However, I do wish I had a better visual picture of Jack and I wished that these guys weren't so bull headed and stubborn.

I highly recommend this one. It is a wonderful, heartwarming and heartbreaking love story. For a novella the character development is brilliant. I very quickly came to care about them and what they meant to each other. The writing and telling is very good, and I'm so very glad I picked this one up.

I would love to read more by this author.