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Knight & Play (Knight, #1) - Kitty French Well well well...guess what?

It's another kinky billionaire trilogy!

photo tumblr_m96aaboels1qh2o7zo1_500.gif

I swear to all the Gods that this is the last one of it's kind I will ever buy again!

So the plot... according to the synopsis there should have been one. Something about a cheating husband and a billionaire sex tycoon who comes to the rescue? Well I suppose there was something about that, but I'm thinking that must be the synopsis for all three books cause this one doesn't get that far.

This is just sex! Yucky, eye rolling smutty sex; described with shitty cliched similes and adjectives. I had to skim these scenes, it was tragic, not erotic at all.
The constant pussy play she endures makes me wince. Honestly, if I could, I would send this chick (can't remember her name) a care package, here ya go honey...

photo vagisilSilo_zps358c4a43.jpg

...apply hourly!

I'm done with these billionaire bullies! There is no substance to them or appeal other than their looks. This one looks like a Viking by the way.
Where is the romance, where is the sensuality and tenderness? Why does it all have to be about dominance and control? I don't really care that he looks like a Viking because he's just another secretive arsehole with issues.
I tell you what? Give me a kinky billionaire hero that looks like this
photo geek_zps20d53284.jpg

...make me fall in love with him and then I'll be bloody impressed. Then only then, can you turn him back into a gorgeous guy for the masses to swoon over.