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Captive Prince: Volume Two (Captive Prince, #2) - S.U. Pacat 5 ++ Stars! Mother-fluffing AWESOME!!!!!

This is everything I want from a novel. This author is just golden. Genius, pure bloody genius! Why the hell did it ever have to end?
It’s not over yet, I know but like HELL do I want to wait for volume 3... I NEED it now! gaaahhhhhh dammmmmiiittttt!!!!!!

I thought Volume one was brilliantly crafted, the characters the plot, everything was so thoroughly engaging, it became very easy to develop a fixation.

I fell in love with Damen when I first met him (obviously something to do with seeing a big strong man in shackles, yum!) In volume 2 his appeal is only magnified when he gets his chance to shine, and oh boy does he EVER.
I wanna love you long time sexy Damen in your golden collar and cuffs.

The prickly Laurent with his over analytic brilliant mind, finally, finally… lets gets go of that staid control, even if it is just for moment or two.
I admire him, this young Prince who holds the fate of so many in his hands. We discover just how cunning this young Prince is, a tactician of freaking note, planning and executing with ruthless precision. I am in awe of this character. To you I pledge allegiance oh fine Prince.

The Regent and Kastor reveal their evil cunning plot against Laurent and Damen in Volume2. Clever guys, real smart but fortunately they underestimate Damen and Laurent.

My boys will kick your paedophilic arse oh regent dipshit! These, bastards had better get what’s coming to them in the next book. I have an idea or image if you like, of what I foresee of the Regents future.

photo tumblr_mhp7toyit81qcpkoxo1_500_zps82674e7e.jpg

I like this image,^^^ S.U Pacat.^^^ Doesn’t he look lovely as a Vere bed slave? This would make me so very happy.

So seriously, I adore this series. It’s all just so damn shrewd and indecent. I.LOVE.IT

The relationship developing between Damen and Laurent is so frustratingly slow and so perfectly paced it can be no other way, but when it happens…oh sweet Jupiter! So SO worth the wait, it is utterly breathtakingly perfect!

This book is perfect, both books are perfect but this one even more so.
NOW HURRY UP AND GIVE US THE NEXT ONE!!!! Please...pretty please...with a cherry...and cream...and sprinkles...and whatever hell else you want. *begging here*