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Critique - Daniel I. Russell Sweet Bloody Hell!!

Hello…is it safe to come of hiding yet? …..Dare I open my eyes? Is it over?
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Thought I was real bloody clever picking up this one, didn't I

I can't even remember where I saw this book, or why it caught my attention. I will not believe it was fate, because that would be too cruel and it would put me over the edge. This is most certainly one of those books that find YOU.

Critique, a creepy little f%cker screaming... read me ...read me.
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A force my sadistic curiosity could not resist.

There is nothing in the synopsis ( or the reviews) to suggest this was going to be like stepping into the bowels of hell, so what follows is disturbing, very disturbing and more than enough to leave me quite affected.

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Critique reads like The Twilight Zone on crack, with the content reminiscent of Seven on steroids and Saw starring the Lucifer the avenging angel!

This is a story within a story, narrator unknown. The writing is strange and brilliant, weird and indecent, sending my olfactory system and gag reflex into overdrive. There is no denying the coercion of the words; the evocative narrative is quite compelling.
It begins similar to an episode of The Twilight Zone.Carlos is continuing his life on the wrong path when he stops at a desert Diner for a meal and becomes engrossed in the story of Sandy Devanche.

‘Sandy Devanche considers himself to be a five star gentleman, although he never gives more than three.’

What follows is the deconstruction and evisceration of a very nasty man’s soul. Sandy is a loathsome character. Once sane, proud and stuck up, now made weak, useless and grovelling after he visits a new experimental restaurant, run by chef extraordinaire, Jacob Enfer. Here he is presented with a dish made specifically for him, it's called Deception.

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This is where it all starts to go so horribly wrong; it all takes a turn toward ghastly, vile and nasty. My revulsion is explosive and my stomach heaves and I can scream with disgust. By now I am so grossed out but so trapped, just like the critic – weird, addicted and craving more.

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It becomes an addiction and I don’t want to read anymore. So why not do a DNF? I don’t know why, it’s a trick, a spell and a curse. Internally screaming, begging to get off but my sadistic curiosity holds me tight; and then it gets worse.

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The words become a poisonous pheromone holding you trapped in this fucked up tale of wicked, twisted, despicable culinary deeds. With rising bile and the urge to be physically sick, I STILL read on like a woman as possessed as the man being judged.
Critique is gruesome, a real horror story and should come with warnings. I feel like I have scarred my brain and my stomach lining reading this book. The extent of the vileness is not necessary; it is abhorrent just for the sake of it.

If it was a paperback I could have beaten it against the wall and burnt every page to rid myself of the imagery seared into my head.

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So now I am doomed! This novel is forever burned in my mind, just like Stephen Kings Misery (sledge hammer scene) and I feel sick about it. I do not recommend this to any of my friends, it’s horrid.

Afterthought: It's two days later and I still can't get this book out my head. My conscience is debating the merit of my rating. Is one star fair because the content is disturbing? The writing is very good so should that deem it worthy of more? I think that if I knew what I was getting into and expected what it holds I could justify more stars. So my rating stands. The publisher should really post some kind of alert tag on this one, the fact there isn't actually makes me mad!