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Hurt - Varian Krylov This is such a hard book to rate. I thought I had read this story line before, but not like this. Never like this. Not with this kind of gray somber, melancholy atmosphere that seeps through the pages to envelope the reader.

The emotional game play is disturbing, frustrating, angsty and totally evocative. The authors writing is powerful and beautiful, probably the only reason I stayed with this book.

Three characters who are all hurt and damaged, facing fears, hiding behind walls, giving hope and snatching it back. The games they play is a push and pull contradiction of hurt, need, hope and sometimes beauty.

I didn't give two shits for Vanka or Galen, there was no connection with them. Khalid is the shining star here. I ache for Kahlid.

I was quite shocked that the blurb does not state the fact that this book deals with cancer. This is a very intimate heartbreaking look at dealing with Breast cancer; which if I had known, I would have avoided. For me, it hits too close to home. Too much to deal with when all you want to do is escape in fiction.
I would usually hide this fact behind a spoiler, but a lot of people have been affected by this disease and should know that there is nothing hidden here, it's all flayed open, compounded with the authors powerful and compelling writing.

This is superb writing, an emotional journey with much drama, maybe too much drama for me. There is a LOT of sex, some of it is beautiful sensuality, some is painful and hurtful, but always highly erotic.

This would have been 5 stars if this book had been my *thing* but it's not. I can't say I enjoyed it. I appreciate the authors immense talent but this was not for me.

It hurts.