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Club Justice (Trinity Falls, #1) - Mara McBain Hands up all you biker worshipping, alpha man loving bitches in the room

photo tumblr_ma3i1zlu6F1rzxmmno1_500_zpse8edde3f.gif

I’m the first one to admit that I still love this shit.

I can just gobble up all the muscle and mayhem this type of book offers up, and Club Justice comes complete with a whole cast of leather clad hulking pissed off men that ooze danger and sex.

photo 867b5909-a75d-482c-b5e0-6c62844e466e_zpsa9e077e5.jpg

Each of them towing their very own trunk full of skeletons, leaves these guys scarred, hard and not without the symbolic danger-do-not-cross-or-defy-me-cos-I’ll-rip -off-ya-head-and-piss-down-ya-neck-hole tattooed across their massive pecs.

They live by their own code and I just lap up that eye for an eye mentality every damn time. I’m such a sucker for biker style vengeance. Yes I admit to moments of fist pumping and shouting out ‘Hell yeah’ in the face of retribution. Biker dudes are just so darn cool...

photo tumblr_mjptndQWQC1s7y8efo1_500_zpsb4f06b7f.gif

Not even the well-worn biker dialog doesn’t quite dampen the thrill of escaping to a world I will never know. Admittedly the mega protective all primal, primitive posturing and growling is a just a little bit trying with these biker alpha types, but what you going to do when that’s just how they roll.

So does this book have all of the above?

photo 2ajc5cj_zps993403f4.gif

************************************************** aaand...what’s so special about this one in particular?

1) Well, for a start the MC’s Ginny and Zeke are older (not too old), wiser and not full of shit. They actually communicate and for once I am not questioning whether or not I believe in this relationship, these two are solid in the face of adversity.
photo tumblr_mjhhv4FiXO1qilg7lo1_500_zpsb3485ddb.jpg

2) Zeke: president of his motor cycle club and a detective too. There’s double hotness points awarded right there…right?
Zeke is the biker’s version of Superman and Ginny is Zeke’s kryptonite.

3) Ginny!
She is Zeke’s feisty kick arse wife and the shining star of this book. They have been married for twenty years and have three boys or one boy and two man-boys together. Ginny is awesome. She is queen of the biker chicks and a fierce protector of everything she sees as hers: her man, her children, her friends and whatever’s theirs. This woman is fair, loving, hilarious, generous and totally fierce when crossed. You do not cross this woman…EVER!

I want her as my best mate, no scrap that, I actually want to be her and then I get to have Zeke in my bed too – YUM!

4)Ginny’s intense relationship with her husband:

photo 134_zpsc0c66938.gif

forged over years of ups and downs is a thing of beauty, full of love, shared strength and total devotion -something we all strive and struggle for. The irrevocable love and protection in this relationship is just lovely. They are perfect soul mates and god help all the crazy jealous psycho's who stand in their way.

5) You can put ticks next to the action, steamy sex, suspense, and shocking content boxes too, the author has that covered.

So what’s wrong with it then?

1) The writing, structure and formatting needs some serious attention. I shake my head at the fact that these author’s do not get their work properly edited. Not impressed.

2)Gah…the dreaded present tense points of view! It’s not just the MC’s POV. It feels like a hundred different points of view. EVERYBODY gets a point of view here and it is all over the place from one paragraph to the next, and you haven’t a clue whose head you’re supposed to be in. At 70% new characters are introduced and we get their POV too. I’m surprised we didn’t get Gunny’s, and he’s the dog.

3)Plot holes that seem to be left for way too long before being explained either after the fact or where it is no longer relevant, or more to the point- I just didn’t care anymore.

4)Mox’s paternity and the fact that it was never EVER recognised by ANYONE, when the resemblance is so obvious. Utterly unbelievable!

5)Having to dodge the bait hooks scattered in almost every chapter is just so damn irritating and exhausting. Yes! I know that this is going to be a series and yet the author is laying bait with sharpened hooks within every worthless point of view. I hate that!

6)The biker style retribution I crave fell a little short for my sadistic appetite and I was left a tad unsatisfied with the outcome at the end.


Now you can ignore my negatives if you want to and go back and read the good stuff again, because I think this book is worthy of your time if you like this kind of thing of course. It’s entertaining, sexy, funny, and slightly addictive. Probably a step up from some of the other biker books out there.

At times it reads like a 2 star - meh book. Then picks up to an almost 4 star - I really like this warts and all, but there is no forgiving the issues I have with it.

Rounding up it’s a very solid 3 Star – I liked it and am leaning toward the 3.5 range.

Warning for sensitive readers : This contains graphic scenes of under-aged rape