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Mind Fuck - Manna Francis 3.5 Stars. Not what I expected and more than I anticipated.

I’m not sure what I expected but either way I’ve come out the other side with more questions than answers, and not because I skimmed, I held off the skimming and paid attention I promise.

There are masses of technical futuristic administrative procedures or protocol, investigations and interrogation, Sim machine technology, analysis, bio-chemistry and fuck knows what else to wrap your head around – a mind fuck indeed.
If that wasn’t enough to confuddle the brain, the author throws in a, who-done-it murder mystery that might or might not involve a multitude of corporate entities you need to know about. – Exhausting!

There is no doubt in my mind that the author has some serious smarts, the lady is damn clever and I have to admire the ingenious world building and structure of this futuristic world – Brilliant genius stuff, even if it was just a trifle boring in places.

I sit on the fence with our two protagonists Torreth and Warrick or rather, I’m trying to. I need an immunisation shot to keep these guys from getting under my skin; I don’t want them there!

My god NO! I won't survive it.

Torreth has the ability to boil my blood with his self-centred borderline sociopathic personality, and I just KNOW he is going to rip my heart out and stomp all over it with his malicious must have promiscuous logic. He is dangerous and cunning and dear lord help me, I have no will power with a man like this - he is such a turn on, and I am weak and pathetic and totally done for.

Warrick didn’t get enough page time in this book, but I like him. ..a lot. I need so much more of him, he intrigues and fascinates me and I love his cunning intelligence that he uses against Torreth and well, everyone really. Mostly I feel admirable respect for Warrick right now, he is no push over and see’s Torreth for what he is (I hope).
^^^This could be a problem for me; I have a massive soft spot for the good guy, and I foresee Warrick having the potential to evoke the ugly snotty crying that Vadim (SF) and Hsin/Boyd (ICoS) caused me.

Has Torreth met his match with Warrick? God I hope so! I want more of the crazy kinky sex games these two play; it’s certainly enough to have me reading more.

So onward, with my heart wrapped in Kevlar…oh bollocks who am kidding, it’s more like cotton candy.