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I'm just another Goodreads refugee and this is my back up plan. Please be patient with me while I find my legs on here. 

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Pancakes (The Administration, #2.3) - Manna Francis Well, well, well...

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our big boy Toreth is far from fucking delighted and I LOVE it. Poor baby's in so deep and he can't stand it. Ha!

"There's no plan, no protocol, no roles, and no game. There's no safe word,..." and Warrick is drowning.

FINALLY I see some intimate emotion from this man, how he deals with it is another story and I'm not going there, needless to say Toreth drives me INSANE. I love him and hate him and lust for him - Gahhh *grabby hands* THIS MAN!

I am totally head over heels in love with Warrick:

This -> "His hair was damp from the shower and he wore just a pair of loose black trousers. Bare feet." - Unghhh...

And this -> " Shh," Warrick whispered against him. "Just...shh" - I couldn't breathe.

Loved this novella, and now I am screwed because I care too much about these guys and I am supposed to be keeping a safe distance in order the preserve sanity - Pah, fat chance, I am sunk!