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Surprises (The Administration, #2.4) - Manna Francis ***Spoilers ahead***

Oh I liked this one. It's funny and angsty and so very delicious.

Toreth is just so cute (don't tell him I said that) and adorable (or that) I could just eat him up (yeah, you can tell him that) I love seeing him all jealous, it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Loved the surprises, ALL of them, especially the kinky ones. The introduction of Mellisa (or Lissa - stupid name)was a bit unnerving, especially since Toreth is present. Whenever someone new is introduced to Toreth my anxiety spikes and I feel scary apprehension that he's about to go off and shag them.
I'm even starting to feel nervous about Sara, ack paranoid much?

I didn't love the revelation regarding Cele and Toreth which I could have gone without knowing, thank you very much! I thought more of Cele actually. See, this is just me being all possessive and jealous and I just can't help myself.