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Family (The Administration, #2.5) - Manna Francis The beginning of this book had me laughing so hard. Toreth vs 6 year old female version of well...himself?

" Tell me a story uncle Val." , - Too funny!

Oh the joy I have at Toreth's discomfort turns me into a giggling Gerty every time.

So that was really entertaining and then it wasn't. Nope not at all.

I knew it, I just knew it! Toreth is going to kill me. Warrick is just going to stand by and let Toreth get away with everything and anything. When does Warrick grow a set? Or is he too scared to loose what little of Toreth he has? Gah!!!

photo tumblr_inline_minhn6EH3x1qz4rgp_zps9f5f7cfa.gif

The author gives up a real and shocking (to me) look at Toreth's narcissistic and psychotic personality when his uncontrollable desire for Dillian surfaces...again.
I realise now that I have been harboring false illusions as to how perverse this man actually is. Whatever he has is, is so ingrained in his psyche that I have to accept it, he's not going to change, it's a terminal affliction. So now, I hate him. He is just a freaking sick self centered full of shit arsehole with a sex addiction. I wanted to rip his face off and shake him till his teeth rattle. I mean is nobody safe around him? He even has thoughts about Warricks aunt for gawds sake! Why did I fall for him ....WHY?

There is an incredible and fascinating discovery in the family that has the capacity for some explosive plot development in the future, hopefully Toreth will dig himself an early grave or end up shit creek long enough for Warrick to move on. Pfft... wishful thinking I know. Warrick wants him and that's that.