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I'm just another Goodreads refugee and this is my back up plan. Please be patient with me while I find my legs on here. 

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Manna Francis is a flipping genius!
There are very few authors who have such a massive epic impact on my personal psyche. She blows my ever loving mind and evokes my deepest fears and darkest hatred, then soothes and strokes me with words and actions that leave me breathless and overjoyed simultaneously suffocating me with crazy angst. The plot is so damn clever and I am constantly tripping over myself trying to keep up.

Her characters are riveting and twisted and just addictive; effortlessly they creep under my skin and monopolise my thoughts, driving me nuts; they are a masochistic attraction I cannot turn away from, no matter how much pain they cause me.

Personally I despise infidelity; I know the feeling of betrayal too well and it makes me feel physically sick, I know this isn't what's happening here (not really), but it just freaks me out and when I am so attached and invested in these characters, it hurts like a mother fluffer; so forgive my dramatics please.

At 25 % I wanted to break, scream and wail and then heave with sickness (no lies, that's how much it hurts me). The fact the I persevered is testament to the authors ability to hook, hold and reel a reader in.

Carnac: I have no words for this vile and twisted God-King of mind-fuckery. The minute he walked into the room, I just knew, I knew he was the spawn of Lucifer and Toreth was his mission.

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^^"...it's time to see what evil dick tastes like."^^^

What a double edge sword this turns out to be, and in the end I never thought I would be so grateful to the devil himself.

Sara: She is the freaking BOMB! I want to snog the hell out of her for what she does, I LOVE HER!

Toreth: I understand you better now, therefore you are on probation and not on my shit list...for now.

Warrick: Perfectly imperfect. My favorite, favorite.

This was a happy for now ending, but I think I might just accept that and give my heart and mind a rest. I need some sugar right now, so I'll catch these guys up later.