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Brute - Kim Fielding 3 Stars for the story.

5 Stars for Brute.

Overall a 3.5 star but I'm round up for the giant.

Fantastical fairytale story. Heartbreaking, bitter sweet reading with an oh so satisfying conclusion.
I really liked this one, and I have to be honest and say it was because of Brute - the gentle mistreated giant.

Loved him, absolutely everything about Brute endeared me to him. There is nothing you can say against Brute without me killing you. I will defend him viciously against any and all who dare.

A wonderful story of courage and redemption, hope, love and friendship ( a cliche statement I know, but that's what it is) A fantastical fairy tale of Gods and giants, wizards and magic, with a handsome Prince and an angry King.

Fantasy is not a genre I read much of anymore, but I think I really really want to. I like this m/m fantasy theme, so any recommendations welcome:)