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The Hell You Say - Josh Lanyon Lanyon’s put a curse on me! It would seem I like this sleuthing thing.

These murder mystery stories are NOT my thing. Sure, I like all the intrigue and deducing as a side plot but this series is way too heavy on the whodunit element, and yet I find myself trapped and spellbound devouring every word. Yep, totally cursed I tell you!

There is so much going on here: kidnapping, satanic cults, multiple murder investigation, a lesson in the occult, Wiccan craft, sex magic, candle magic and demonology one on one. Phew - it's nuts!

Adrien once again sets himself up as a target for the bad guys, the demons, the cops and yes ... the heartbreak too. Plus there is a whole cast of new characters that seem set to remain for the duration of the series. While all this is going on, the Jake and Adrien saga reaches a final tipping point.

The witty narrative is welcome in the face of darkness and drama's. I found (to my surprise) the subject matter fascinating and it holds my attention – up to a point. I didn’t feel I needed to know every aspect of ALL the occult’s in order to understand what was happening here. Jeez, just the bare arsed bones would have sufficed.

That said; the story is brilliantly crafted in true Lanyon style, well researched and full of angst ridden suspense. Adrien’s growing paranoia is most contagious with the introduction of so many new characters, and I found myself judging EVERYONE as a potential dodgy suspect, and believe me, everyone seems guilty. It’s bloody exhausting this sleuthing.

Now let’s deal with the huge elephant in the room: ADRIEN & JAKE!

photo 612k_zpsbdb7d73d.gif
I knew it was coming; I’d have to have my head screwed on backward to NOT know, but dammit all to hell, Lanyon still manages to land some stinging slaps and a nasty punch to the gut.

Adrien knows about the other woman and has done for a long time. WTF! I am stunned! I thought he would walk if he ever had confirmation. He’s so nonchalant in this that I can’t help thinking – ‘Who the hell are you?’ I want to shake him and slap him upside the head!
How can he be the bit on the side? How can he do that to another woman? Yes, I see Kate as a victim here. They are both a victim of Jakes cruel and selfish behaviour. Jake doesn’t even use a condom with either of them! WTF!!! Is he insane?!

Why can’t Adrien see that he is worth more than a fuck on a Monday and Wednesday night behind closed and bolted doors!?

Why can’t Kate ( a cop) deduce what her lover is up to on a Monday and Wednesday night?

What about the S&M stuff? I bet he hasn’t given that up either! Of course he hasn’t, he’s way too self-centred to see what damage he’s doing to people’s hearts, let alone give up control of that!

So why do I still find myself feeling an empathy for Jake? It’s obvious that he is torn and suffering but determined to stay buried in denial.

"How could he deny who he was? How could he choose to live such a profound and cancerous deception?" - Cos he’s a twit who’s scared of YOU Adrien as much as his own sexuality. That’s why!

Bravo Mr Lanyon, how you manage to influence me against my better judgement and gut instinct is a testament to your skill. I should hate Jake, but I cannot. I prefer to feel sorry for him and to be angry with him.

I’m glad Jake’s gone, he doesn’t deserve Adrien. I want him to go and play happy families, go live his normal life. I give him 6 months before he’s knocking on Adriens’ door again.

I hope Adrien moves on, not with Guy though … he’s a bit of a sleazy douche and not good enough for Adrien, and I don’t trust him.

I feel sad, bitter and angry about the outcome of this relationship but I also feel relieved … for now. Cos it ain’t over yet, is it?

Once again I am totally in awe of this author’s talent. This is probably the strongest book so far in terms of writing, plot and characterisation. Fabulous stuff!

Moving onto the next right now!