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The Dark Tide - Josh Lanyon I can't believe this, but I actually feel rather let down by this finale. I got everything I wanted ... I guess. But to be honest, I think I preferred all the angst and suspense. I realise now that it was much more entertaining being angry with Jake than it is sympathising with him. This new needy Jake is all kinds of dull.

The mystery was okay, because I sussed it quite early on - Go me! My newly discovered sleuthing skills are starting to pay off (all credit to Adrien English).

I wasn't all that thrilled about Adrien's shenanigans with ole Mel, who is a complete and utter wanker. I knew he'd see the light, but still - No Adrien, just NO! *shudders*

I'll miss Adrien, I've grown rather fond of him. I'm happy he's happy and all that, but I'm glad it ended here.

I highly recommend this series, even if you aren't into crime stories. Read it for the skillful writing, the fantastic characters and engaging plot lines; and let's not forget the angst ridden romance. A cracking series!