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A Dangerous Thing - Josh Lanyon This was A-Okay. A good 3.5 Stars.

More character development and interaction between our protagonists gives this book that something more that I missed in 1][b:Fatal Shadows|1274861|Fatal Shadows (Adrien English Mystery, #1)|Josh Lanyon|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1363734106s/1274861.jpg|2815045]. The murder mystery story line was clever (as usual) and engaging with lots of action and excitement, but as soon as Adrien walks into a library or a museum? I start skimming. It's no secret that I see this series as the Adrien and Jake show, so I tend to focus on that.

Happily I learned a few good things about Adrien, enough to change my first impression of him. So I made a short-ish list.

1. Brilliant sense of humour, he’s snarky but inoffensive. He can be quite droll, but it comes across as witty and amusing. Consider me charmed Mr English.

2. He’s a hell of a lot tougher than I thought he was, he faces a few challenges in this book, both physical and emotional and deals with it like an Alpha! Not the geeky, vulnerable geezer I thought he was. Consider me impressed Mr English.

3. He’s a Taurus! Just like me, so I *get* him. Consider us BFF’s Mr English.

4. We finally get a picture of Adrien, and guess what? He’s a good looking guy (of course, he is, he's not going to be a minger is he?) Kevin (the cutie) reckon’s he looks just like the priest in that old Hitchcock movie. So I googled . Open the tag, and meet Adrien English --> photo MontgomeryClift_zpsc572372b.jpg

I totally get why Jake was so taken with Adrien in the first place. Hell! Even I fancy him now. Yep, I’m shallow and shameless.

It’s about 2 months later, and Jake and Adrien have been seeing each other, not as lovers or anything resembling lovers though. They have this friendship stroke relationship thing developing, which is more of a non- relationship. Hells! I don’t know what the heck it is they have, but it’s tense and messed up.

Adrien is head over heels for the sexy cop, and Jake is well … confused tempted infatuated interested but way too hung-up with his own self-loathing over being gay to embrace a meaningful open relationship with Adrein. He likes woman but prefers men, he wants a wife and kids – he wants normal,
"I’ve got nothing to offer you Adrien.” <--this, makes me nervous. I don’t trust Jake! How can Adrien trust him with his heart? I guess he can't help it, just like me.<br/>
I hope we see more of Kevin, I like his puppy dog affection for Adrien and I love watching Jake adopt the chest puffing 'MINE' stance when Kevin comes around. Ha!

Guess I have to read further to see how it all plays out, which is no hardship considering how much I love Lanyon's writing. His subtle play on words is not lost on me :)