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Criss Cross - Jordan Castillo Price Yup! It's official. I am hooked!

Victor finds himself having to cope when his talent inexplicably goes into overdrive and there are dead people everywhere.

"Not only had my reality become more Dawn Of The Dead than I was accustomed to, but suddenly all the hungry cadavers were acting like I was in possession of the worlds last brain"

Poor Victor.

I appreciate how this author gives us an undisguised look at what it's like to be Victor, living with these demanding ever present ghosts and memories from Camp Hell. It's all quite terrifying and yet she manages to balance it all with his dry wit and humour.

He's also still wrestling with his own self esteem; deeming himself too messed up to keep a man like Jacob around.

He maddeningly misses all the clues to this mystery, even though it's right under his nose! He could smell it! Literally!
Now I refuse to believe my Victor to be that thick, so I'm blaming it on the drugs. Yes, it's all because of the anti-psych drugs.
We are moving forward now, ya hear me Victor Bayne - so no more silly buggers.

I love Victor, he cracks me up when he probably shouldn't, he says the wrong things, does the wrong things, he's hopelessly flawed but I just can't help myself. I love him for his loyalty, and his effortless unwitting charm. He is hilarious and sexy and I love him <--- Did I say that already?<br/>
Jacob is just a great big manly hunky studly lickable stud. Ung, that man is hot! Shower scene! "You like playing with my ass, [...] Mm hm [...] Take it, then. Phew! Fire for my loins, indeed!

You know what I love about these two? They are both loyal and loving and not scared to show it. Even Vic is getting used to the public displays of affection and admitting he has a boyfriend (so sweet).
It's refreshing but I also feel like I'm walking the tight rope ... what next? Is this too good to be true?

Enter Crash; a blast from Jacob's past and a future player (I'm guessing). He makes my skin prickle with what could be hives. *shudders* I don't trust him and that's all I've got to say about him.

Like I said, I'm loving this series. Give me more please. Thank Jupiter that there is more!
Now onto [b:Body and Soul|2390341|Body and Soul (PsyCop, #3)|Jordan Castillo Price|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1324327278s/2390341.jpg|2397353]. I'm super excited!