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City Knight: Working It - T.A. Webb Fifty pages and T.A Webb makes in onto my favorite author shelf.

His talent shines in these pages, and it's obvious that I will establish a happy addiction with T.A Webb in the future. He skillfully induces that mix of emotions I crave. Angst, heartbreak, damaged souls and danger.

But is it all credible and believable in 50 pages? No, not quite. I'm not entirely happy about this story even though I really liked it. 4 Stars liked it.

You see, I have a nasty greedy habit of wanting to establish a plausible relationship between my MC's before they declare love. Jumping months ahead to establish credibility? I just feel cheated.

It's obvious that this was way too short. I really don't like this idea that publishers think it's okay to make us pay for every 50 pages of the same story. This one I got free from all Romance, so I have no right to complain but on principle it makes me grumpy because they've got me over a barrel after that cliffhanger.

So do I submit and buy the next?
Of course I've bought the next one, duh! I have to know what happens next. <-- See capitalism at it's finest, well done publishers. <br/>
This is good reading that I wish had been released as a complete novel. There is no denying Mr Webb's talent and I look forward to more of his books.