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17 Black and 29 Red (Stockholm Syndrome, #2) - Richard Rider I spent the majority of this book so peeved at the entire situation. I am still reeling from the way things ended and now they face years apart...YEARS!!!

I do NOT want my boys with anybody else. It is wrong wrong wrong. I want to scratch and claw at these interlopers. I'm quite jealous and possessive of these guys and all that takes place here is all such a necessary evil, I know that , but I don't like it! NO I bloody DON'T!

The time spent apart is a chance for Pip to grow up and face the world as a responsible adult. To gain a shred of self respect and build bridges once again. There was no way this was going to be achieved staying with Lindsay the way things where.

Lindsay just about kills me when he reverts back to his old habits and seems on a mission to self destruct. Thankfully he has the strength to stop it with the help of an old friend. The relationship he has with Ellie is empty and vacant and obviously not what makes Lindsay happy, but still it seems that the only way to heal is to come full circle again, for both Lindsay and Pip. I still want to scratch her eyes out. Why can't she go find her own man, the bloody moo cow!

The only way it is ever going to work would be for it to be just like this, I accept that now, but gahhhh the getting there is torture!

A fantastic edition to this series. The writing is fantastic! Off I run to the third book.