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Comfort Object - Annabel Joseph LOVED IT! Stayed up till 3am to finish it! I did not want to put it down. This genre is not for everyone of course. So read the warnings.
Sometimes you need to escape reality completely and just go with it, don't question the motives of the characters.
Throw all your morals into the wind and judge not. Just submerse yourself in the telling of an extremely erotic, kinky novel. This is not reality, and sure these things happen but certainly not in my world.
Reading this was freeing and I allowed myself to just feel whatever Nell felt, even though in the reality I would have been outraged and stomped off so many times.
But I admired her, her strength and courage to please and endure what she did for the man she loves.
The characters consumed me, and I got to enjoy the ride right along with them.
Thank you Annabel Joseph for a wonderful evenings escapism. I will be reading many more of your books.