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The Siren - Tiffany Reisz It's taken me a good few weeks to think about something to say about this book. It left me gobsmacked! In a good way!
I went into this book totally blind, I do that sometimes, with only reading no more than the first few lines of the synopsis when a friend said, "I found this one that you might like, it's not for me but I thought of you"
Thank you Jenny for thinking of me.
So armed with nothing but my usual enthusiasm for a bit of kink and absolutely no forewarning of the content, I dived deep and smacked my face on the bottom of the pool, hard!
This story was totally unexpected. Totally unconventional, surprising and DARK.
Nora was unexpected! I have never ever read a female character like her before. She blew my mind, a lot!
This novel had me strung out, bugged out and gasping!
Now I urge you to read the reviews for The Siren before you take the plunge. It is one of those, love it or hate it books. It wont sit well for everyone. And you will never forget it!
Tiffany Reisz did it beautifully, I was thrown into Nora's world and it turned me upside down and inside out.
Superb, original and totally compelling!