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Seithe - Poppet Totally blown away!

Almost speechless about this wonderful deliciously dark read.

I will tell you all about it when I can gather my thoughts into a more coherent form of normal.

Okay, I've slept on it and started another really good read since finishing Seithe, but I cannot get this book out of my head.

Phoebe is very pissed off at her current boyfriend when she notices a club (for the first time) and decides she needs a drink. Into Pravus she enters, totally unawares of the danger she has just put herself in. She is but only a human ya know? And a pissed off human with attitude, which attracts and intrigues her rescuer(or is he), Seithe!

From the start you are thrown into a whole new world along with Phoebe. As the author tells it all from her point of view. From the moment she opens her eyes after being drugged and finds herself at the mercy of the unknown, she is bombarded with dark dark sensuality and forced to surrender her jaded views of life.
And in the process we the reader are forced to surrender our own views and come to accept that their is so much more out there. Well I did anyway!
The dialog is incredible and I found myself totally enraptured(can I say that? Is that the right term?)
I am not very eloquent and it is hard for me to put into words how I felt about this book. I was highlighting like a lunatic. I re-read sentences to let them sink in and I wanted to memorize paragraphs for fear of ever forgetting them.

Seithe leads Phoebe into his world forcing. He strips away her senses one by one and she is forced to learn to use them again.

Seithe - "Phoebe, for your entire life you have focused on the ten percent of the matter baring your way. You've ignored the ninety percent that isn't in your way. YOU created that obstacle. For me that obstacle doesn't exist. For you there shouldn't be an obstacle.Retrain your mind. CHANGE YOUR MIND."

"Your body is the tool that opens every door. Your mind transcends your body,telling you more than your eyes can see. But you have dulled your senses and your mind. Walking half blind, to prevent pain. You locked yourself away. I need you to live again. Meet me as an equal"

"I only seek to make you see your own Spirit and what it's capable of."

Phoebe - "Blinded all I can feel is him. All I can smell is him. All I am is him. All we are is one. Sensation overload."

Oh my god! Isn't her writing just so compelling. I am left gasping so many times.

Their relationship becomes so intense. It is for me, very reminiscent of a power exchange relationship between Dom and sub. Without having the S&M in play, but then their is another side to the relationship that feels the same, but it's not. The need to please him becomes everything to her.

Along with the most intense relationship development, you have a plot that is original and believable. There is so much more to this than I cant say without giving it all away.

It is genius writing. I cant wait to read the next in the series.