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Darkhouse - Karina Halle This came very highly recommended and was guaranteed to be worth my time and a freebie too. So win win!
Totally different to my usual romance with smutt reads, because this book had me scared shitless! Holy freaking hell, the woman knows how to write scary! I thought I was going to have a seizure at a few points. Now I'm used to hot steamy sex and bondage to get my heart thumping but bloody hell...what a rush this was!

Now I knew it was going to be freaky scary and I haven't read scary since I last read Stephan King like 20 years ago! Gerald's Game! now that was some freaky ass shit, where she's tied to the bed in a cabin in the woods and her kinky husband has a heart attack and dies ON TOP OF HER, and she can't get off the bed and can't reach the glass of water and there's this....aww shit sorry I'm waffling! Yeah well anyways this book is NOTHING like that at all. But I got the same heart stopping, clutch the blanket to my face moments.
Now I'm not going to tell you about the book because I never do. I always end up giving something away and I hate that, but I will say that this book is from Perry's POV which makes it all the more terrifying in my opinion. I loved her, I loved the way she dealt with situations, her crushes and insecurities, her narration had me nodding my head in agreement. She seemed to be thinking and feeling exactly like I would. I actually bicycle kicked my legs when she wouldn't run fast enough, sheesh...*eye roll*..I know, I'm pathetic.
Dex is a pretty cool dude, he's good looking,sexy and kind of weird. I look forward to unraveling him (I hope)and his secrets in future books. And hopefully kicking his ass when he has one of his asshole moments. This guy is seriously mercurial, and like Perry I never knew what he was about. Which has me crushing on him big time! Got to love a man of mystery...right?
So over all an awesome read, well worth your time and I believe the next ones in the series are even better than this one!
So to keep the balance in my world, I will be moving onto the next in this series just as soon as I've devoured a bit of filthy kink and romance :)