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If I Were You (Inside Out Trilogy, #1) - Lisa Renee Jones
This novel is written from Sara McMillan's point of view. Being able to climb inside a characters head and live it all in the present as the emotions and intrigue all begin to unfold. This is to blame for all my freaky anxiety.

Sara is an English high school teacher with Majors and a burning passion for Art. She's all alone in the world and making it by herself. Seemingly content in her life. Or is she? Hmmm...
Sara has a past too, she has her own fears, demons, dreams and hopes that she has buried deep.
When through what I like to put down as fate.Sara ends up in possession of a storage container with all the personal effects of Rebecca Mason. Wherein lies this woman's very intimate and erotic journals.
Sara is compelled (who wouldn't be?) and reads about this woman's dark relationship with a dominant, controlling man.
Rebecca's journal is a vivid intriguing insight to the erotic acts she submits to and her Waring personal feelings of what she has become.
Personally I feel these journals must have been her way of coping with her own emotions. How else do you cope when you no longer recognise the person you have become? This tormented submissive woman is truly lost to her own fear and a prisoner to her own desire and HIM.
Rebecca is trapped under HIS spell! We never know who HE is or who they are, yes, there are others involved but she never mentions names. Only that HE owns her completely. She is his willing victim. She hates him but wants him. HE frightens her and arouses her! She's leaving him, she loves him!

"Unable to leave and terrified to go forward"

"He was not dangerous. Nor was he chocolate. He was lethal, a drug,and I feared..."

Too many of Sara's own dark desires and fears are aroused.Her own fear of dominant men and the power they have over someone like her. She is drawn to Rebecca , and as the journals are revealed we learn that Rebecca and Sara share more than an interest in Art. Sara vows to find out what has happened to this woman, no matter the consequences!

Oh hell! I totally get why Sara feels the need to find this woman. Make sure she's okay. But it becomes so much more for Sara as she enters this woman's world. It's not her world, not any more and yet the compulsion to do whatever it takes to hold onto this lost dream is too much to resist.

Long story short, because this is a long story. Sara ends up working in Rebecca's job at the art Gallery for the summer. Where she is suddenly emerged in a world of arrogant, controlling and manipulative men. Cue Mark Compton.

That's Mister Compton to you and me. Gallery owner/manager he's rich, good looking and perfect! Too darn perfect. He is also curt, authorative and intimidating "Intimidatingly sexy"
Well hell's bells! He's the kind of man that has you feeling totally unglued with his steely gaze. Those butterflies took off whenever he opened his mouth or entered the room. I was a mess with this man! It just has to be HIM! Doesn't it?

He is everything Sara doesn't want in her life. He is trouble but deep down she is seduced by him and his world. He is "interesting" to her, to her boring predictable life! Oh god isn't that what Rebecca felt about HIM?
You see now why, I nearly ended up with an ulcer! Those butterflies grew teeth at this point!
And because just not one man of mystery is enough in this already enthralling, heart attack inducing story we have the very gorgeous, very rich, very talented artist Chris Merrit! May I just have a moment here to swoon....*swooned*
Leather and denim, biker boots and tattoos that NEED to be licked. Piercing green eyes, scruffy dark blonde hair, a raw and earthy man. Hold on I need to growl a bit. Oh hell, yes please! Damn, I forgot about the electrical current that seems to follow him around and seep through his pores *shivers*
Now Chris here finds Sara adorable, inspiring and "interesting", theres that simple word again, that could mean so many things. He wants to paint her! *gulp*
Chris know this dark world too well, he wants to rescue and protect her from it and himself. But can he push her away to do it?

" I am trying to protect you here. This world you've strayed into is filled with dark, messed up, arrogant assholes who will play with your mind and use you until there is nothing left for you to recognize in yourself."

Run Sara run!! No stay!
Damn butterflies just turned into bats! Is Chris a part of THEM? How does he know this? Isn't this what happened to Rebecca? Oh god the suspense!

These characters and more that I haven't mentioned here have me at their mercy! Be warned that the ending is brutal on the stomach! Lisa Renee Jones is a sadist for ending it like she did. What a cliffhanger!

I hate that this novel uses fifty Shades verses Basic Instinct as a hook! This is just so much more than Fifty could ever be, and I loved Fifty Shades!
This book needs to be recognised on it own merit, for the plot, the feelings it draws forth. The tension, suspense and need that takes over. I have loved every single minute of it was so much better. Just fabulous stuff!
Thank you to Netgally and Lisa Renee Jones for sending this to me for an honest unbiased opinion.