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I'm just another Goodreads refugee and this is my back up plan. Please be patient with me while I find my legs on here. 

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Heller's Revenge (Heller, #2) - J.D. Nixon No time for reviews!!! I'm onto the next one in this series. YAY!

Kay...I made time- lol!

Damn I am loving this series!!

After reading Heller and being totally gobsmacked at the originality, hilarity, emotional shockers and general kick ass experience of book one, I sat back removed the toothpicks from my eye-lids at 4:35 AM and downloaded Heller’s Revenge.

Without a thought….. not even contemplating that I might want to read something else from my extensive list of must reads like I usually do… you know? Give it a break and read something else between books?

Oh hell no! I am all over this like a bear on a honey pot. There is nothing else I’d rather be reading right now.

To read further see my link to Totally booked! Thanks xx