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Gold Digger - Aleksandr Voinov I always knew I was going to love Gold Digger! I bloody knew it!
And I did, I really really did!

You see - I've been a lost and wondering soul since reading the cult series Special Forces. I have missed all the characters so very much. I have mourned them desperately, so I saved this novella - a spin off for when I knew I really really needed it.

I savoured every decadent and delicious word - just like savouring my fave choccies that get hidden away in my very secret place until my resolve crumbles. Aleksandr Voinov and chocolates... my wicked addiction.

Gold Digger is an intriguing education in the politics and workings of business and mining, made even more fascinating when you throw in the very gorgeous, very straight Nickolai and devilishly sexy Henri. They had me so very entertained right from the start.
Henri has been around the block and knows exactly what he wants when he see's it.
This time, what he wants is Nickolai, and if any one can turn a straight man gay it's Henri. He is lip licking scrumptious in very a suave and debonair way.

This story is fast moving with none of the usual bullshit procrastinating that I seem to find in abundance in all other novels just lately. It's a cut throat look into the business world as well as, erotic, sensual, intelligent and highly addictive reading. There are some classic blunt lines in true Voinov form, that had me choking on my chocolates. Yes, I was being totally indulgent, Voinov aaand chocolates....divine!

Now I know and love Nickolai from his brief appearances in Special Forces and his relationship with Vadim. So I had an advantage, but Henri is new to me and I still clicked with him instantly! Easy to love and easy to lust over too, both of them. Bonus!

The highlight of this book, and the earner of a huge extra star ( and only because I am biased) had to be when Vadim walks into the airport! My veil of mourning was thrown back and the joy I felt nearly had me sobbing.

There he was in all his awesome scariness and I nearly wept!

If that wasn't enough, I got all teary eyed and emotional over the bonding with Nickolai and Vadim, it was just so wonderful and heart warming. I was a blubbering mess!

I usually don't like novella's and very often feel short changed when it comes to character and plot development, I'm a greedy, insatiable and obsessive reader and always want more of everything out of a story.
With Gold Digger, I was left feeling very sated with a huge grin on my face, except I wanted more of Henri - see...I'm insatiable!

4.5 Stars! Rounding up of course:)