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No Beginning, No End (Stockholm Syndrome, #3) - Richard Rider No beginning No End is absolutely perfect finale to the series. Pip and Lindsay have come full circle and they are still totally insane but it suits them.

They struggle to get over their jealousies, and accept that you can't change the past.
Richard Rider offers up the most hilarious classic Pip - Lindsay scene ever! This is belly clutching laughter that had me snorting and chuckling under the covers in the wee hours.

I advise you to listen to some of Pips favourite music mentioned here he has great taste, just not the Jazz though!

Pip Valentine at his finest – pouty and pretty complete with Ziggy Stardust backdrop.
photo tumblr_miiph29Y8Z1rluku1o2_1280_zpsdbb60636.jpg

There is no image for Lindsay, make of him what you will, he doesn’t care.

I love these guys, with all their crazy faults and all, I love them!
Thank you Richard Rider for a creating these unforgettable characters, I cherish them always.

These are just a few of my favourite quotes that sums up these guys, made my heart melt, and made me nearly pee my pants:

“…how it all happened, even the weird stuff weren’t really weird cos it worked, I needed it like that and I think you needed it too right? Like it don’t matter if you’re insane if you find someone else who’s insane in the opposite way cos then it fits like my Hedwig tattoo.” - Pip.

“Valentine’s wearing a dark red tartan dress with a corset bodice and massive fluffy petticoats holding the skirt out, thick black tights, chunky biker boots, a gun metal-grey steel necklace dripping strings of jade beads. He looks a disgusting, grotesque mess. Lindsay’s hard in an instant.”

"Lindsay actually feels a tiny twinge of that old helpless emotion - not love, he's come to terms with how much he loves him whether it makes sense or not, but the strange old feeling of needing him happy above everything else in the world."

“Ugh, fucking hell, who goes dogging in a Mondeo?” - Pip

I'm revising my rating because it's been days since I finished this, and still I think of Pip and Lindsay, gah ... obsessed much?

4.5 Stars and I'm rounding up:)