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I'm just another Goodreads refugee and this is my back up plan. Please be patient with me while I find my legs on here. 

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Secrets (PsyCop, #4) - Jordan Castillo Price Book #4 and it just keeps getting better and better. I’m on a roll!

Ms Price does a cracking job at keeping me glued to this series. The characters are so vividly depicted through Victor’s interpretation of events. His winning narration is full of neurotic musings, misgivings and paranoia over uhm… well, everything. You wouldn’t think this is fun at all, but oh dear lord - it so is!

Victor Bayne is the funniest neurotic I I’ve ever met. I already loved him, now I ADORE him and love him and want him around forever and ever. I want to highlight everything that comes out of his mouth.

The plot is the most engaging to date; with a slow build and immaculate conclusion. It was a good mystery that doesn’t distract from the characters but highlights them; exposing their flaws and pushing limits.

The uber awesome, super sexy, super perfect, super detective Jacob Marks continues to fuel my fantasies, despite not being as perfectly perfect as I thought. I’m a tad frowny faced over his penchant for nasty psy kink, and a few other things that will not be mentioned for fear of breaking into a chest poking rant.

As much as I hate thinking it or asking it; are secrets causing a few cracks in this relationship?

Crash is ever present; tempting, teasing and annoying Vic. The empath uses his semi talent to push every one of Vic’s buttons. He provides me with oodles of angst and many laughs; but this cheeky, sexy bad boy is a sneaky little fucker whose goal is to get Vic into bed trouble. I don’t trust him, but I think I like him.

Lisa is back! I love this woman, or is it just her talent I love? Who cares, she’s super cool and I want her for my bestie.

Zigler Typical detective type bloke with typical detective type tash, originally deemed suspicious and by me; might have redeemed himself with his honesty and the introduction to his family. He’s alright ole Zig.

JCP gives us some back story here which not only fills in a few gaps, but also plants a few conspiracy theories which has Vic’s name written all over them. All this makes me very nervous for Camp Hell. Just the title gives me an anxiety attack, which is probably just Vic rubbing off on me but I’m loathed to know the true extent of Vic’s abuse at Heliotrope. I know that evil shit (I mean crap) went down at Camp Hell.

Bring it on. I did say I was on a roll.