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Camp Hell - Jordan Castillo Price Have you ever read a book that you thought was going to be just like you imagined it to be with revelations of terror and despicable deeds and you where so geared up for all the angst and anticipation ... then it turns out it's NOT about that at all!

So you get super pissed because your expectations have been squashed by romance (ugh) and gullibility. Then while you wallow in your sulky strop getting mad with the hero for doing stuff he shouldn't, and cursing everyone cos it just sucks, and you want to throw the book against the wall? Then you realise it's yourself that you are really mad at for expecting something that wasn't actually promised you just assumed, but it doesn't matter, it still sucks.

Then something happens (like hot sex) and you think "Hey! ... Hold Up! What was that? ... You just put your face where? ... and did what now!? ... Okay, I'm paying attention, and that was HOT!

Well all of that ^^ is what happened to me.

Once I got over my strop, I figured this book was actually very good. I mean really good dispite it being the first time I wanted to shake victor Bayne by the shoulders and call him a selfish prick. *gasps* I know!. But then he redeems himself, and I'm happy again.

This turned out to be the most enjoyable plot line for me. Victor coming to terms with his talent and actually putting it to good use (finally!) and Jacob's new discovery only makes me want more. Did I mention how smeltingly sexy this book was? Ye Gods! It was so delicious. JCP can write some sinful sex! Phew!

Another brilliant installment in what is one of my favorite series. I Highly recommend these books!

4.5 Stars for Camp Hell.