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Loving Luki Vasquez - Lou Sylvre Do you know what I love about this book? The premise, the idea of it: a scarred alpha bad ass ex ATF agent who meets a reclusive weaver. A weaver? I hear you ask? Yeah, a weaver who weaves yarn - making tapestries. So yeah, that was a first and I was intrigued.

Let me start with the thing I liked: This book has some really lovely prose, which is what encouraged me to finish it in the first place. This author certainly has a way with words - but it’s so very clear to me that it takes a hell of a lot more than pretty words to weave a great story, or even a good one.
The writing is totally overshadowed by everything else, and I mean everything!

The plot is clumsy and long-winded with too many threads left hanging only to be picked up way too late in the story, or not at all - confusing and frustrating, yes, but also leaving a big fat hole in the weave.
All too often I had the impression I’d missed something and had to flick back to double check, and I freaking hate that! The whole structure is just a mess.

The shared POV’s and third person narrative is just … I don’t know, er … weird? The originally appealing pretty prose starts to become annoying with too many similes and some odd use of words like this:

“Slowly, then up again, until he came once more to the center of Sonny’s excitement, pleasure, and despair …”

Why despair when describing a dick? I don’t get that, it’s just dumb. If his cock was “weeping” pre-come I might be able to see a poetic reference – but no, and too many displaced words like this really do tend to grate.

The mystery: is the main focus of this story involving homophobic hate crimes targeting Sonny or is it Luki? You decide. I found the whole thing unlikely, the hater’s motivation, the execution and the finale. Too many things didn’t make sense.
The villain has the slimmest of links to the story and comes across as kind of funny, in an oh-my-god-are-you-stroking-your-cat-while-you-text-me kind of way.

Luki Vasquez: My first image of Luki is described as a gorgeous man in a white linen suit with long curly hair, dark skin and an icy gaze. Please forgive me, but all I see is an 80’s Chippendale cover model or a tanned Michael Bolton. It was snigger and snort at first sight. This guy is an ex ATF agent, bad ass alpha male who carries conditioner in his weapons bag – I shit you not!
He is scarred both physically and emotionally and has been for a very long time, he is a character that I should have loved. He is protective and caring, a broken insecure man who is lost and afraid of love – yeah you know the type.
The issues I have with this super cool, super scary bad dude with the icy stare, is that we don’t really get a proper demonstration of his prowess, and when we do – he pukes. No really, he does. He pukes a … lot: if he see’s blood - he pukes, he hears a really sad and disturbing story of abuse – he pukes, he sees the word faggot – he pukes.
Luki –Puki / Puki-Luki <-- that’s what keeps going through my head, cos I’m really mature like that.<br/>
He also has this whole fleet of agents at his beck and call. How? Why? Where did he get his money from?
I admit there was no connection or attraction for me with Luki, and when it comes – it’s too late.
At 75% I swallowed a lump in my throat when I learned some of his back story, the author writes that part very well, because it’s simple and it was from the heart, detached from the plot (kind of) and told in the third person, which is this authors strength, it would seem that anything to do with matters of the heart and emotion(aly) this author does very well. I won’t take that away and this is what kept me reading to be honest.

Sonny Bly James: <- Great name! Nice guy. Reclusive and artistic Sonny is a real mystery to me. Who is he? He hints at a difficult past and a life on the streets - so why the sexual innocence at the age of 29? I’m not buying that. <br/>He’s a Dr too – a doctor of what exactly? I did warm to dear Sonny about halfway through, but like Luki, I never established a real connection here – too little too late I’m afraid.
Sonny gets stabbed and doesn’t realise that there was someone at the other end of the sharp pointy thing that nearly killed him till the next day? Oh pahlease!

There is no build up to the relationship between these guys. Their dialogue is so embarrassing, I feel like cringing especially at the stupid catch phrase they seem to have adopted: “What are you looking at.”

Overall this book was a chore. It never held my attention and tested my patience. It entertained me with accidental humour and annoyed me, because this had potential. The author has a talent with prose but it was wasted on the messy structure of this story – I mean the premise of this story has so much potential, the writer is talented – it should have worked and worked well. I say sack the editor.

Do I recommend it? No, not particularly – but do go and read the other reviews. There is a lot of passion and love for this story. Perhaps my lack of attention leads me to miss a few vital clues here and thus the point. I’ll use my favourite analogy and call it another marmite book.