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Every Move He Makes - Barbara Elsborg Oh *sigh* ... this just about kills me but it's 3.5 Stars

This starts off so strong with great characterisation and background building. My heart was in my throat at 4% and I had a feeling this was going to be awesome. But then at around 25% it turns into a mix bag of really great reading and ... not so great (slumps) reading.
Overall the good outweighs the mediocre and I'm left feeling satisfied but not thrilled like I thought I would.

Zak was awesome and stole the show - yes, he's a brat and a selfish shit-head with a chip on his shoulder, but he soon sees the error of his ways and wins my admiration. The humor is typical Elsborg, which is a huge fat star all on it's own! Zak is just hilarious and brings so much wit and fun to these pages.
Logan was rather dull and annoying despite being sexy as hell and able to do parkour - he's a bit of an emotional wimp and needed a slap.

The sex: Another big star! Elsborg writes great sex! It should have been two stars, because I was expecting a bit more in the battle for dominance when two Tops collide. I wanted more aggression, more of a fight for the Top spot - pun intended.

I can't really decide where or why it went slightly wonky for me, but parts just seemed a bit too repetitive, drawn out and a bit, dare I say ... boring? slow in places. Where was the angst and suspense I know this author to excel at?

This relationship was frustrating: Logan and his mistakes - urgh! These characters deal with issues that prevent them from forming commitments and learning to love and accepting love in return and yes, yes - it's nothing new but has some heart and Zak keeps it light enough to keep me happy. In the end this relationship ended up being too nice, too shmootzy and too conveniently wrapped up. Snow ball fights with kids and sledging, frolicking on the beach *gag*

This is a spies, lies and romance story: plenty going on in the present and plenty to uncover from the past, it's a mite predictable but entertaining nevertheless.

I DO recommend this book for some fun action romance.
Believe me when I say that this is better than a hell of a lot of other m/m action stuff out there, so don't pass it up.