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The Shattered Gates - Ginn Hale 3.5 Stars


This is something different and I think I might have just stumbled onto something quite special, or is it my initial enthusiasm and the enthusiasm of my GR buddies that's influencing me? I'm just not too sure yet. The Shattered Gates is part one of a ten part serialised novel and trying to rate this book is like trying to rate the first ten percentage of a long novel - doesn't seem fair right?

But anyways ...as it stands, this one grabs your attention from the start. The synopsis has this one pretty much covered but doesn't give any real insight into what you are getting into here. So without being spoilery I'll do my best.

There are two worlds and the grey space between. Two pivotal characters from each world bound by fate and world ending prophecy – all wrapped up in mystery, magic and dark arts. So exciting! I love this premise.

Along with captivating new worlds, I’ve been introduced to some sparklingly original characters; although not yet enough of each to form a conclusive deduction on any of them. I’m approaching everyone with open eyes and dubious mistrust right now because I’m afraid to form attachments too early on. Pfft, yeah right … alas I fear I may be lost already *slumps* I am such a sucker for a scarred, tattooed hero and Kahlil (Kyle) is all that plus warrior, plus assassin, plus mysterious, plus gifted, he is just PLUS!! I’m totally mesmerised and infatuated with him.

It’s easier to remain detached from John right now. I find the 23 year old self-centred and self-righteous, a bit of a boring geek and too uptight. John is keeping his secrets close to his chest while exploring and hiding out in a new cruel world. His character intrigues, but doesn’t captivate me … yet. I have hope.

This has HUGE potential. MASSIVE! It’s only the beginning and I’m really excited to see where it all leads. The only irritations here is the new language, although I did find a glossary at the end of the book – would have helped if I’d known before I read the book! And the time lapses in Basawara – I felt I could have benefitted from John’s first impressions of this strange barren land.
Onward to [b:Servants of the Crossed Arrows|11059239|Servants of the Crossed Arrows (Rifter #2)|Ginn Hale|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1302422438s/11059239.jpg|15895073]

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