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Servants of the Crossed Arrows - Ginn Hale Questions, questions, questions ... that's all I have right now. I'm trusting my GR buddies who assure me all will be revealed and more than that; I am trusting Ginn Hale to guide me and spell it out with pretty pictures.

Picking up exactly where [b:The Shattered Gates|10428720|The Shattered Gates (Rifter #1)|Ginn Hale|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1302422743s/10428720.jpg|15333129] left off. The story has split into two definitive arcs (perhaps it already had?): one follows John seven months after entering Basawara and the other, Kahlil two years later - don't ask ... I can't begin to tell you how or why.
I could say I don't want to spoiler you , but I would be lying my arse off - ha! I haven't a clue {insert nervous giggle}!
The story is moving along quickly and I'm tripping over my feet to keep up - but I'm getting there ... I think.

I need to take back what I said about John. He is NOT a geeky self-centered coward. He is anything BUT that, damn I really had him figured out all wrong. He is ALL man, strong and brave and quite cunning! Consider me impressed! It would seem the desolate wasteland and seclusion suits him. I need to mention that he scrubs up really well too - really well!
John wins me over when he turns a potentially deadly situation into an opportunity that may or may not be to his, Bill and Lexi's advantage. I mean we are dealing with people who burn strangers and heretics alive here. I'll continue to chew my fingers while I wait and see.

Kahlil has been taken in and cared for in exchange for his, er...use of talent. His mind is still broken but his body is whole; haunted by visions in his dreams he struggles to put together images of a past he must have lived. His new mission leads him on the most dangerous of quests to face an opponent that may even rival the Kahlil himself {insert drum roll} Has he met his match? {drum roll fade}

It's all fascinating stuff, and the more I read the more invested I'm becoming. I just wish I knew what the bleeding heck was going on. I best keep reading to find out huh? Well onward ...