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The Company Man (Red Dragon #1) - Becky Black I'm totally going to cheat here, and I have never done this before. Because I have never been more in tune with another reviewer like I am with what Lena has to say about this book. Plus she says it better than I could have too :)

Hand over my heart her review is exactly how I feel about everything.

There is nothing wrong with this book and nothing exciting about it - agreed!

Totally forgettable - yup! I've already forgotten the MC's names.

Completely standard run of the mill romance - yes, nothing new here.

I won't go on, because you get the idea and LenaLena has it covered.

What I will add is that as a newbie to the sci-fi genre, I still found The Company Man to be totally uninspiring. I mean it's fine and everyone's really nice but it's just too dull for my taste. I need quite a bit more than nice and fine, some angst and anticipation would have been appreciated.

It's okay for some light uncomplicated romance reading.