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Black Blades - Ginn Hale Now were talking!

This is galloping along and I'm coming to grips with the parallel worlds. The present reveals more of the past and the future hints at the present. It's all fast, crazy good and totally addictive.

In the present John's powers are slowly emerging and it would seem his bond with the Earth is intensifying - so exciting!

There is some history on the Rifter and Basawar culture which explains a lot, but not quite enough ...yet. A fascinating and disturbing display of the ushiri'im training exposes the brutal depravity of Dayyid and the immoral laws of the Pashmura.

I am totally engrossed in this world, the past and present. Ginn Hale is a master crafter of a world so vivid and fantastical: crooked streets, stone pathways and tall towers. The spicy aromas of strange foods (roast dog - ew!) The scents of pollen and earth and ozone make my senses reel and I'm dizzy with appreciation. Her descriptions are utterly superb!

I'm really beginning to care for the characters now. There are quite a few moments where I found my heart in my throat and my empathy fully engaged. Ravishan and John. Kahlil and Jathi'baye. Even poor young Fikiri.
Laurie is playing with fire under repression and making me nervous! John is studying in seclusion and believing that the key to the gate lies within Rathal'pesha.

This is getting too good to pass up, so onward to [b:Witches' Blood|11059426|Witches' Blood (Rifter #4)|Ginn Hale|http://d.gr-assets.com/books/1302423492s/11059426.jpg|15980664]