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Broken Fortress - Ginn Hale “Thirty-one years! Bloody Hell!”

John Toffler has been in Basawara for thirty one years. But John Toffler is no more, he’s not even Jahn he's Jath'ibaye (stupid name btw)and I don't know how or why he's called that yet. I guess he's always just been the Rifter: God Parfir personified, harbourer of cataclysmic mass destruction , destroyer of worlds, bound to the earth, rivers, oceans and sky, immortal and forever bound by blood and bone to his Kahlil – his protector. Never has that fact been more prevalent than in Broken Fortress.

Jahn/ Jath’ibaye has grown into a man of immense God like stature with a profound presence – Ginn Hale descriptions of him raises the hair on my skin. His strength and aura bleeds through the pages with his Godly presence and yet he still proves to be capable of so much more, his humanity, remorse and dedication to replenish and heal the lands makes him truly exceptional – I am in awe of him! And like a mother hen I feel so proud of him. How ridiculous is that?!

And then we have our beloved Kahlil, the Kahlil of old who’s suffered loneliness, loss and torture in training with the Payshmura. Finally Kahlil is reunited with Jath’ibaye; so many years have passed and finally they are where fate dictates. Together - side by side - friends - lovers and defenders. Thank you Parfir!

“I followed you across the worlds, twice. I am bound to you. I have known since I was a boy that I would be with you. So there’s no point in denying me. Oh how I love you Kahlil … sigh.

Without the strength of his Kahlil, Jath’ibaye has suffered and endured years of grief and remorse, but now he’s back and my heart is overflowing with happiness right now. Together they are indestructible … right?

“…and in the hour of darkness, the Kahlil shall return, and in his wake, divine wrath shall fall upon our enemy and he will be no more…”


The armies of the South are converging on Vundomu and the Hungry Bones are approaching from the desolate North. Yes, I said hungry bones! It’s crazy – I can’t explain, but they are evil blood and soul sucking bones thirsty for, well…blood and souls. I think. {Frowny face}

It would appear that Fikiri has become an evil SOB and still has designs on gaining entry to Nayeshi (Earth) and he’ll stop and nothing to get there, including killing innocent children!

There are more revelations about how the Gates where originally destroyed and there is an influx more characters, namely the members who make up Jath’ibaye council. I love Ji, her wise nature and calm countenance is a soothing welcome. There is still 27 missing years of Jath’ibaye life to account for and all of what happened to the Payshmura. I know Jahn must have been pissed to destroy it all but I don’t know why. And I NEED to know

The focus of this book (for me) is the relationship between Kahlil and Jath’ibaye and the converging forces. Kahlil is struggling with mixed memories and insecure about not being the man Jahn fell in love with.

. “I may carry his memories, but I didn’t live his life. I didn’t make the choices he did.”

So now we wait, wait for Kahlil to prove his own sense of worth, even if it is only to himself. And we wait for the hungry bones and the gaun’im to make their move.

PS: My favourite quotes…

“Your flesh is my earth. Your blood is my river. Your breath is my sky. Your body is my world.” – Kahlil to Jath’ibaye. {and I swoon}

“Kahlil slipped his hand beneath the blankets. His fingers brushed over the ridges of Jath'ibaye's ribs. He felt the rise and fall of Jath'ibaye's breath and the smooth hardness of his abdomen. The muscles curved down into a deep cleft. Kahlil followed it to Jath'ibaye's belly button. His fingertip slid around the small circular indentation.
"Belly button," Kahlil whispered the Nayeshi words. It sounded so absurd, almost childishly cute. A belly button had to be the absolute antithesis of the world-crushing Rifter.