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Evenfall (In the Company of Shadows, #1) - Santino Hassell,  Ais

Caution:This book contains feelings! Fierce, sexy assassins, m/m hot man action, torture and attempted rape. Also...This book is long. So long that it probably would have been quicker for me to skip the length of the Great wall of China than it has taken me to finish this.
I could have read a dozen books in the time I have invested in this book, and it's only book1!
So do I regret any of it?

Oh hell NO!

It grabbed me from the start and at no point did I want to let go. A real two handed handed hold on tight, white knuckle ride. I was so impressed, like seriously ..just WOW!
When it kicks off, oh Jesus...does it ever. It's not just the OH.MY.GOD's.
It's all kinds of emotions, fear, anger, loathing, wanting, needing, and sheer desperation that had me squirming and hair pulling. Intense!

The story is full on, engaging, intriguing, exciting and just plain fabulous.
Filled with a paranoid post apocalyptic society of warring government and terrorist factions all set out to destroy each other. It's about twenty years after World War III, and the great nations have just about been wiped out by bombing the crap out of each other. Cities like London, France and New York are pretty much nothing but radioactive wastelands.
It creates an intriguing and absorbing atmosphere that really adds to the sense of other worldliness surrounding the characters and plot. Superb!

Let me introduce you to the MC's Boyd and Sin/Hsin. Meet Boyd...

A young androgonous looking man who has nothing and nobody to live for after an excruciating loss and traumatic experience; he'd given up his desire to to live years ago and with it all sense of hope and a belief in any kind of future.
He is emotionless, numb, without a care for life or death and has just become...well...nothing really, until he is ordered by his bitch of a mother to apply for the position of partner to the monster assassin Hsin Vega. A job with zero chance of survival.

Meet Sin...sexy sexy sexy sexy sexy!

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Holy hell he is just so sexy, did I say sexy already? I am so freaking in love with him!
He is tall, broad shouldered, piercing green exotic eyes, fierce and a seriously deadly kick ass heartless (it seems) assassin, with a talent for killing a man dead in 0.03 seconds - while he's tied down!

I read a scene where he single handedly murders 40 men in such a graceful almost dance-like display of sheer power and strength...I was spellbound and so turned on!
Everybody fears Sin and he is treated like an animal by the agency and it's employees, worse than a dog. He is 28 years old and Boyd is the first person he has ever had a real conversation with.

Both Boyd and Sin are pawns in a new kind of war. Their fate is held in the barbed and poisonous hands of the agencies leader Marshal Conners, a man who could quite easily put Saddam Hussain and Hitler to shame,a and second in command, Boyd's mother – the bitch whore!

“While yet we live, scarce one short hour perhaps,
Between us two let there be peace, both joining,
As joined in injuries, and enmity
Against a foe by doom express assigned us,
That cruel serpent.”
― John Milton, Paradise Lost

There is some fantastic character development in this story. Totally unique and original revealings all the way through. Heartbreaking, intense, vivid, orgasmic and just a bloody good book!

I read every word, and yes it was a struggle at times because Boyd has the need to over analyse everything.
His inner monologue drove me crackers but also gave me the answers and understanding needed to understand his, at times rather immature and selfish motives.
He is a great guy, who has has been through so much and I really liked him, a lot! But sheesh ...can he gab away in his head! A few times, I was like...alright alright already! Get the hell on with it, you've got your hands down his pants for gawd sake! Just DO something with it! Stop thinking dammit!

There are a few writing issues and a couple of glaringly obvious inconsistencies and the Spanish dialog lost me for a while. I mean what the hell was up with that? English please or tell me what the hell was just said please. In hind sight I don't think I missed anything vital- but still annoying.

So will I read the next book? Oh Yes! Most certainly, I just hope Boyd chills out with the inner thought processes.
3.5 - 4 Stars!