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Enemies & Shadows - Ginn Hale Livid! …. Absolutely lily-livid!

How dare you switch timelines with 20% to go and leave us with that cliffhanger! That is just … just, so rude.

And that’s not all! I cannot bah-lieeeeeve how quickly the Holy Bones where dealt with. What? … Just scatter some blood, stick a knife in the ground, call up some oracle bones, say a few chants, boom-bang-bing – and the monstrous evil that’s been taunting the Northlands for decades is destroyed?

Wow. Not!

What an anti-climax. Too easy, too quick and zero gratification. Don’t even get me started with the way Fikiri is too quickly dispatched. That evil cowardly bastard deserved to suffer long and hard –again: too quick, too easy and zero gratification!

Okay, fine. I’m fine now. There was some great stuff here too. Really great.

If you recall Jath’ibaye & co where preparing for an imminent attack from the Gaun’im forces in the South, and Fikiri and his ladies hungry Bones from the North. So I was not enamoured (at all) with how things played out with Fikiri and the bones; I was however, bowled over with how well played the corrupt - and let’s be honest - not so bright Gaun’im leaders where dealt with. Just when you think there is no way out of no-win situation Hale plays it out like a genius, with cunning ruthless efficiency - BRAVO!

I loved the angst and effect (ha!) surrounding Ourath’s presence in Jath’ibaye household. Not only does it cement the trust between Kyle and Jath’ibaye (I hate typing that dumb-arse name) but it provides some backstory and funny entertainment.

I’ll just quickly say that Pesha is adorable. And the scene where Kahlil exposes himself to the group of secret scholarly mason type dudes – fabulous!

So now I look forward to finally getting some answers about the fall of Rashal’pesha. But I’m also loathed to loose Ravishan – that’s going to sting!