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The Elegant Corpse - A.M. Riley I wonder if I’ve read the same book as everyone else, because I’m kind of looking about in disbelief.

Surely I’m not the only one that found that this book was mediocre at best. Hmmf … perhaps I really have become a cynical cow... Oh well, just so you know that this is a minority opinion review before deciding to read it, don’t let me sway you.

The stand out thing about this book is the opening paragraph. It’s really good, and the story has an original premise - seemingly fresh and exciting with a murder mystery to indulge in and a sexy BDSM thread. Nice.

Erm, … no not really. There’s too much going on here, too many threads in the story to actually feel a connection to any of it. The scene breaks leave skid marks on the pages and too often I became unfocussed because of it. I hate doing the whole, what? Who just said that? Where the hell are they now – let me click back and see …urgh, very annoying. It’s a shame because the writing would be much more engaging if it wasn’t for that.

Roger Corso was a pleasant departure in the hot cop category. His love interest however, is not. Perhaps if he had been made younger it would have worked for me. Sean is too immature, too bratty and way too naïve to be a 30 + year old man. Too much of his characterisation doesn’t gel in my opinion. He’s a virgin who works as a barman in a gay bar! Have you ever heard of such a thing?

The villains motivations are fade to black - which really infuriates me. If you are going to form a murder mystery with mummified corpses, I’d really like to know the psychology and reason behind that kind of crazy. I do not want the villain’s incomplete and unjustified ramblings fading off with this ---> “…” That's just rude, right?

The BDSM element is really quite tame (apart from a torture scene) and dips into Roger’s past and history with the leather daddy scene. The secondary characters where all a bit meh, and don’t bring anything exciting to the story. EXCEPT for Mary Ann - she's Roger’s partner and she’s is a treat who brings some snarky humour and wit to the story. She was much more appealing than Sean.

I guess this was okay, it could have been great. Most people think it was great, I just can’t see it, feel it or appreciate this story and most of its characters. That said; I reckon I would try another book by this author … maybe.