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Muscling Through - J.L. Merrow This is the story of Alan and Lawrence, told by Alan, completely from his point of view. A love story where they meet, shag, move in together and just live life with all it's ups and downs. So what's so special about that then?
Well it's Alan of course!
Alan is not your typical narrator, some might call him simple minded or autistic. Alan is a simple man, but not quite a simpleton. General society certainly might find him to be a few matches short of a full box, and I say that in the kindest way.
Reading his story I cannot help but feel that it is reminiscent of listening to Forrest Gump tell his tale.
The difference is that Alan is English and doesn't look a thing like Forrest (thankfully). I loved being able to relate to his use of the typical common English language slang phrases. The writing is so perfect that you can hear his accent and vocal nuances perfectly.

Lawrence and Alan are two blokes who are the polar opposites of each other in every way. Lawrence is tiny (in Al's eyes) real pretty, educated, posh and from an upper middle class family. Alan is a giant brute of a man, his body decorated in tattoos and his face marred with a scar that leaves him with a sinister antagonistic smile which has no true reflection on his nature at all. He is uneducated and views life at face value; uncomplicated, literal, and honest. A commoner with a single working class mum – who is hilarious.
His every word endeared me to him. The first date and Alan says:

You got a lovely smile,” I said, because I knew that was true. He went all pink. “Are you a poof?” I asked. I didn't think he minded. And even if he did, there wasn't nothing a little bloke like him could do to me, so that was all right.
“Er, yes. I hope that's not a problem? His ears went so red it was like sunburnt, and he leaned back a bit.
“Nah I'm a poof and all.”

Alan had me giggling, grinning, laughing out loud, my happy emotions where all over the place – in such a good way. He doesn't mean to be funny, he is just so literal in his thinking that it can only fuel my terribly dry sense of humour.
The world really needs more Alan's!

Despite this rather unconventional pairing, they are Yin and Yang, a perfect pair. The diversity in their lives leads to very funny moments.
I can see where a few of my fellow readers had issues with the sex. It does not come across as a sensual erotic telling, it's told in the only way Alan knows how. He likes it, he gets hard and he f#cks. Alan doesn't have the words to tell it any other way, so I get him.

I keep wanting to say “aww bless him” when I think of Alan, especially when he says stuff like this:

we watched old Charlie Chaplin films. I like them 'cause you don't have to be clever to get the jokes. I never thought someone smart like Lawrence would like them too.”

Aww ...Bless Him!

This is so refreshing, the writing is bloody perfect and I'm still grinning like a fool! Even if you don't read m/m this is just so deserving of the two hours it will take to read it. It's wonderful!